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Learning DevSecOps
Integrating Continuous Security Across Your Organization

Learn how to implement continuous security throughout your entire software development and delivery pipeline. With this hands-on book, developers, SREs, tech leads, and security engineers will learn how to combine their security process with their DevOps culture. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the best DevSecOps practices, from the construction of safer container images to the hardening of orchestrators and how to secure your cloud environment.

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Early Release

The first two chapters *Introducing DevSecOps* and *Bridging the InfoSec and DevOps Culture* are available on the O'Reilly learning platform. The text is in its earliest form — the raw and unedited content as I write — so you can take advantage of these skills long before the official release. The book official release date is May 2022.

Comments and Feedback

You are more than welcomed to make comments about how I might improve the content and/or examples in this book, or if you notice missing or inaccurate material. Please, reach out me at or my editor at